Friday, January 9, 2009

WW - etools

I'm down 4.6 pounds since starting this Weigh Watcher's adventure. Weight Watcher's just switched to the "Momentum" Plan with absolutely adorable commercials (I love the little Hunger Monster!). I started the first week it was launched. Starting a new diet plan just before Christmas was not the brightest of ideas, since it is a big food holiday, but I'm working with it now. One of the best things about the program are its online eTools. It automatically calculates your points for you so you don't have to do any math at all. It's great for anyone tied to a computer, just pop on and a few clicks later, everything is figured out for you. You can save favorite foods. You can build recipes. It's a great service. I've used other online tools like FitDay and SparkPeople, and to be honest, the services are pretty much the same - log in, find food, track and record. I like the eTools a little better on WW because, well, I'm on the plan, and it's a flash application so it runs independently of your browser. On SparkPeople, anytime you add anything it has to reload the page which is a bit annoying. I do not like the community forums on the site. I find them very hard to navigate and very hard to find good information. There is serious room for improvement here.

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