Thursday, September 25, 2008


I know I shall be shunned… but I had a brownie last night. Everyone else was eating tasty treats and there was absolutely nothing vegan on the menu save for salad. And c'mon, everyone's eating cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies, I'm not having a salad. So I had a brownie, and it was a serious disappointment. I wanted gooey chocolate. This was more like a dense cake. Tomorrow is the farmer's market in the town where I work. I really hope they have vegan brownies again!

My "no coffee" experiment was a complete failure. I'm only drinking 2 cups a day, so that is a good thing but I can't seem to quit meat and coffee at the same time. I have brought in soy milk and soy creamer for my coffee but I have been using the occasional coffeemate creamer. I figure the boatloads of chemicals counteracts the "sodium caseinate (a milk derivative - not a source of lactose)" that's listed on the ingredients list.


MsMeiss said...

Absolutely NO shunning from this corner. *hugs* I'm so sorry it wasn't worth it, though.

I tried a new snack: top bell pepper strips topped with 1.5oz of fat free soy cheese. Nuke for 1 minute. Oh my god! Ooooey, gooey goodness. (I hear it's better if you stuff the bell pepper with it and put in the oven for while, but I didn't wanna wait.)

Bex said...

I haven't commented here before but I just wanted to mention,
It took me a long time to quit coffee. I still haven't completely quit it but I'm not longer chemically addicted (the headache lasted for 3 days!) I just have a cup on my day off as a comforting treat or when I'm really stressing again, for comfort.

Mimi said...

Hi bex!

thanks for the note! Yeah, my coffee quitting experiment didn't work so well. I've done it before but I just need that crutch at work right now I suppose.