Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 99 - Be Prepared!

Yah, I know, “butter” is not “vegan”.

And here I learn the first lesson in managing a slightly finicky food philosophy – Be Prepared! I can here my Girl Scout Leaders voice echoing in my head.

You see, my morning sort of went like this – Turn my face to the cool breeze of my fan, while snuggled under blankies when I become faintly aware of a buzzin in the background, not to realize that buzzin is my BACKUP alarm that’s been going off for 20 minutes. Those lovely cool breezes generated by my huge fan that sits right next to my head generates a hefty dose of “white noise” that blocked out my alarm. Yeah, that’s the ticket, white noise (air quotes) and not the fact I didn’t go to bed till 1am.

So in a mild frenzy, I showered, dressed, walked Monster and headed out the door, ducking back in to get my obento, getting to the end of the driveway before heading back for my work ID and then getting to the end of the block before having to go back for my iPod.

Yah, so see, it was THAT kind of morning… which means, sadly… no breakfast.

I am headoverheels for Kashi’s GoLean. I love the stuff. I easily eat it for desert like snacks, and lordy, the fiber and protein in those little pellets and twigs is glorious. Monster agrees that the twigs are super tasty. But on a THAT kind of morning, tasty twigs do not even hit my radar.

I was lucky (or unlucky depending on your opinion) that the Bagel Fairy visited work this morning. I grab my ‘joe (one does not consider giving up caffeine on THAT kind of morning) and popped a bagel in the toaster. Sadly, it was not till I had finished the first slice that the following thought train made it into my foggy brain station:

Hmmmm bagels
Onion bagels
Onion breath
NOT vegan

Yah, as I said, I know butter is not vegan. I however made up for that with a tasty vegan bento.

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