Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 95 – Where for art thou chocolate


I’m kind of tired, and I’m kind of grouchy. I was ready for bed at like 9:30 last night but of course I found something to entertain myself with and didn’t go to be till well after midnight. Which of course means I got up late. I did manage to have a hemp shake for breakfast. I really need to get on an earlier sleep schedule. I’m all out of it.

I’m not a super fan of drinking my calories. I did a Slimfast stint once. Protein shakes do have their place however. I like the Kashi shake mix but haven’t been able to find that lately. I have a gianormous bottle of rice protein powder. It has a bit of a chalky aftertaste that I don’t really enjoy. I’ve tried using it to up the protein of things like oatmeal and muffins and have been very disappointed by the results. But then I found this hemp shake by Nutiva. Not only does it have a nice high dose of protein, it is fiberlicious.


Goodness me, I could kill for some chocolate right now. Creamy, melt in your mouth milk chocolate. But alas, milk chocolate is not vegan.


Note to self: Decaf coffee with soy creamer does not satisfy chocolate cravings.


Yeah, Still want the chocolates.


No it is not that time of the month

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