Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm starving

I'm starving and I don't know why. I stirfried carrots, turnips, spinach, onions with garlic, ginger and some rice, and topped it with a few fake meat strips. Then I had a brownie (more on this later) a little pb&j and an apple. I shouldn't be hungry but I am. I am really craving creamy stuff, like mac and cheese. Warm and creamy. I have to find a creamy subsitute. Hard to do that without milk and cream and butter.

On a good note, I think I've broken my butter addiction. I could go thru more than a pound of butter a week. Heck, I could bake deserts with butter and slather more on and poof a pound is gone in no time. I have bought vegan margine which is ok, a bit on the salty side I think, but ok.

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