Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 93 - Vegan Brownies YAY

All hail the farmers market

The town where I work has a little “farmers’ market” on Thursdays. I say “farmers’” with those “air quote” because there are only a couple veggie stands and the rest are crappy crafts. I try and pop in and pick up veggies, but by Thursdays my brain is mush and I often forget. But I went today, and there was a stall selling Vegan BROWNIES. Huge squishy black brownies. I bought two and they were good. Actually I think I have a bit of a brownie-hangover. But that’s ok, it totally hit the spot. I should have snagged a business card. The “farmers’” market might be done with for the season. Good thing because I’m not sure the diet plan will work with a standing supply of vegan brownies.

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