Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 94 – Auntie Flo and Candy Bagels

OK. I lied

It is that time of the month.

Apparently I don’t know how to use a calendar correctly. I always seem to start a weight loss adventure just before I get my period. Not a smart move. On top of the normal bloated weight gain, there’s the crappy feeling that makes you not want to exercise and the crappy feeling that makes you want to eat everything in site. And then there is that generally crappy feeling. So I’m all fired up for a few days, then blindsided by my uterus and fuck up royally and eat half a cheesecake and figure since I already fucked up and I’m feeling crappy because my uterus is attacking so I might as well eat the other half of the cheesecake and wash it down with a couple pints of ice cream. This vegan thing puts a serious cramp in that plan. I can’t really think of a single comfort food that is vegan. I suppose I can make vegan frosting which is really just shortening and sugar, but I need the cake to go with it. Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World will have to join my library.

The Bagel Fairy switched it up and brought in donuts today. (I was listening to a clip on NPR last night where they were doing a story on bagels, or was it donuts, where a child referred to donuts as “candy bagels”. How awesome is that). I’m happy to report; I was not tempted in the least to scarf up a candy bagel. I don’t know what donuts are made off, but I’m presuming that they have at least eggs in the batter, probably milk too.

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