Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vegan Month Over!

I have gone an entire month without eating any animal products. I can't really believe I did it considering my butter addition. I haven't really missed meat at all. There's been a few times where I could have gone for BBQ ribs, but I did not induldge. Doesn't mean I won't in the future. I don't really have plans to go back to meat eating, however, cheese might be reincorporated. I tried some vegan cheese and I tossed it right out. I just got I think its called soy shreads. Its not bad, but its not cheese. Mostly I can live without milk and meat, but sometimes life is too short not to have cheesecake. But I think if I do decide to indludge, it will have to be for the good stuff - aged cheddar, creamy blue cheese, good pudding.


Zoey said...

I have been checking out your blog lately and I wanted to say:

Congratulations on 1 month of vegan eating!

Have you noticed any changes in your health? How is your weight loss goal coming along?

Elaine Vigneault said...


And Happy World Vegetarian Day!

Here's a video you might like:

evestirs said...


It can be hard at first, but you're doing great.

And if you do get the craving, I have a great recipe for a vegan cheesecake. :)

bjorkedoff said...

You are the first listing on the VeganMofo feed so I gotta ask, are you doing Mofo?

Mimi said...

Zoey! Thanks! Its been an intersting ride! Health wise, I haven't once been plagued with heart burn (except when I WAY over did the garlic in a stir fry, I added it twice!) weight wise, I've kind of been babying myself and going the comfort food route with lots of bread, and pb&J for desserts, not good when you're calorie counting.

Elanie! I'll have to check out the video tonight! Any other info related sites you'd care to share?

Evestirs! Thanks! I was vegetarian long ago, so I knew I could handle it, but man, butter is an issue! I love butter and it isn't till you forego it that you realize its in EVERYTHING!

bjorkedoff! I certainly plan on doing the MoFo! I just havent had time to finish my first post on it! Stupid boss who won't let me into my own blog at work!