Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yet another day of pointless meetings at a once-grand-and-now-rundown hotel. And yet another day of vegan angst.

OK, let me say this first, I didn’t ask before hand about vegan food options so I really shouldn’t complain that there weren’t very many options for me. Remember, this was a whim decision? So no one at the office really knows about it. And I don’t want to make a fuss.

Today’s breakfast spread consisted of: Trix yogurt (I am not kidding, they served TRIX yogurt to the top VPs and Directors of a 100million dollar company), little plastic bowls of breakfast cereals, granola (for the Trix yogurt?), sad looking mini muffins, and watery fruit salad that obviously had been sitting around since the kitchen staff cut it last night. The fruit salad is the obvious vegan choice but I didn’t want to go there. Green tinged canatoupe swimming in mysterious fruit fluid is just a turn off. The muffins and the yogurt are out, so that left the cups of breakfast cereal. I could have made a fuss to see if they had soy milk but I decided to get in touch with my inner pre-schooler and munch on Cheerios straight from the box. It was kind of fun sitting thru boring financial projections while playing with my food.

I thankfully had a priority rush job and skipped the lunch at the hotel so I could indulge in yet another obento from home (I <3>

Dinner will have to be something quick and filling. I am meeting with friends at a coffee shop that has killer cheesecake and fluffy desserts. I was there last night and let me tell you, it was most difficult to walk away from the counter without a treat. Left me wondering if biscotti had eggs in it (I don’t think so) but it most certainly has butter.

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